How to Choose the Best Earrings for Children

Posted on March 22 2019

Best Earrings for Children

Whether your girl is 6 months old, 6 or 16, there are a few things to take into account before you go shopping for those cute earrings for her newly pierced ears.

A concern we have heard many times from mothers is that they are unsure about which children’s earrings are safe for sensitive skin.

No matter what age, it is very common for girls to have allergies to particular metals or materials, especially reactions from cheaper costume jewellery with impure metal alloys.

When shopping for children’s jewellery, it is important to stay away from cheap materials and costume jewellery to prevent irritation to your children’s young skin, especially since you may not know yet whether she has allergies.

How can you ensure the earrings you purchase do not contain materials that will irritate your child’s sensitive young ears?

kid's star earrings

We have put together a few short pointers to help fellow mothers out there, about what they should be looking for when buying earrings for their girls.

Lead-Free – Always go lead FREE! Jewellery that contains lead can be cheaper but don’t let it fool you! Lead can be harmful in contact with skin over a long period and can be quite dangerous if your children put it in their mouths. Lead is also a very heavy metal; therefore, choosing lead-free will be lighter and more comfortable on her little ears. Sticking to pure metals such as sterling silver, gold and surgical stainless steel, with brands that guarantee they are lead free and hypo-allergenic are a smart way to ensure your girls don’t react to any jewellery containing this substance.

Nickel-Free – Another common cause of irritation in children’s earrings is nickel. Nickel can cause a rash or itchy skin as early as 12 hours of your child wearing it, and can lead to further skill ailments and health problems depending on the severity of your child’s reaction. 

Sterling Silver – Premium .925 sterling silver is an almost pure metal and is a very high-quality material for children’s jewellery. Sterling silver is durable and great for sensitive skin (unless she is allergic to silver).  Sterling silver containing a minimum of 92.5% silver, and only 7.5% by mass of other metals such as copper, and tends to be a low allergen.

9/10/14/18 Karat Gold – Whilst gold jewellery for children is not as popular as silver because of its very high cost, 18 karat gold is the purest karat level for jewellery and the higher the karat, the less likely it will contain alloys like nickel, that will irritate sensitive skin. Using 18 karat gold is one of the safest hypoallergenic metals to use and in most cases, will not cause allergic reactions to your child’s sensitive skin.






music note earrings Kid's Heart Earrings  Children's star earrings

Throughout the process of choosing materials for the My Little Silver girl's jewellery collection, we conducted months of research and testing into using the most appropriate metals for our products. After a lot of hard-work, determination and selecting ethical and trustworthy suppliers, we are proud to share that all My Little Silver children’s jewellery are free from nickel and lead, and only use premium .925 sterling silver with a super thick layer of 18 karat rose gold and yellow gold vermeil plating.

Children's Earrings

Something we have also worked very hard on is to ensure your girl’s ears are comfortable and light! Our kids earrings are flat, light and designed specifically for children meaning you can sleep with them, play sport in them and wear them to school. Looking good and feeling comfortable is so important for kid’s jewellery!

We have received so many positive comments from mothers saying that their daughters NEVER takes their earrings off, even while they are sleeping, because they are so comfortable they don’t even realise they are there, unless they catch themselves in their mirror!

Girls can wear their beautiful My Little Silver children’s earrings day and night!

How do I know? Because I wear them too – my favourites are the shiny baby heart studs in silver!

Ilana x




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