Children's Jewellery Care Tips

Posted on November 05 2019

Children's Jewellery Care Tips

Jewellery Care Tips: How to Clean and Maintain your Children's Sterling Silver Jewellery

Let’s face it... Our jewellery needs to be cleaned occasionally to keep it shining and to ensure you enjoy it for longer, however cleaning your girl's jewellery can be a task that is easily neglected perhaps because you don’t know how or don’t have the time to.

For a few quick tips to caring for your My Little Silver kid’s jewellery, click here for our Jewellery Care page.

So how do you clean your children’s sterling silver jewellery carefully and safely?

Firstly, it is important that you understand the type of jewellery that you have to avoid potentially tarnishing or bending your jewellery. For example, 925 sterling silver is stronger and less likely to tarnish than 950 sterling silver. Therefore, if you were to clean .950 sterling silver jewellery you will need to be gentle to ensure you do not bend or damage it compared to if you were to clean 925 sterling silver. My Little Silver children’s jewellery is only crafted from premium .925 sterling silver, to ensure a stronger more durable material for your girls.

Girl's Jewellery Gifts

Here are a few tips on how to best care for your gorgeous sterling silver jewellery, for both children and adults.

1. Use a good quality silver polishing cloth:

This one might seem like a no-brainer but it is common for sterling silver jewellery to tarnish over time if not cared for properly, especially with all the activities your girls get up to when they wear it… Nevertheless, your sterling silver children’s jewellery can be forever lasting and shine for many years to come if you care for it properly.

Avoiding or getting rid of tarnish can be easily done with a quality jewellery polishing cloth. Every piece of our kid’s jewellery is packaged in a gorgeous little pouch but it is also a high-quality polishing cloth for you to polish her jewellery pieces in to keep them shining for longer!
Quality polishing cloths are also quite easy to find online if your own jewellery didn’t come with one.

3. Say no to cleaning products or #amazinghacks:

As a mum, you are always searching for that #mumhack that will change your life, but when it comes to cleaning your girl’s sterling silver jewellery… don’t do it. Baking soda, chemicals or whatever else they are telling you to use, avoid it – you will end up damaging your jewellery over time rather than clean it. Also, stay away from cleaning brushes or trying to scrub your jewellery clean.
Cleaning or polishing your girl's jewellery with the wrong materials could actually damage the precious metals, stones and enamels, especially with luxury finishes like gold vermeil and our heavy 2 microns of gold plating.

Jewellery Polishing Cloths

4. Wear it!!!!

We don’t buy jewellery to just look at and keep stored away… we buy it to wear it and guess what… wearing your jewellery will actually help clean your jewellery and make that shine glow from the beautiful natural oils of our skin!!
So it's time to dust the dust off and get your girls wearing their jewellery and you to mamas! (Check out our Mama+Me range here)… Don’t waste your natural oils and don’t let a stunning girls jewellery go unnoticed.

Children's Sterling Silver Jewellery

5. Store your children’s jewellery – carefully.

Keep your precious girl’s jewellery in a safe place, somewhere that it won’t get lost, damaged and away from free-flowing air. For example, whilst having your beautiful jewellery on display can be a beautiful thing… your jewellery will last longer and stay cleaner when stored in a small box or jewellery pouch to prevent it from oxidizing. 
Our My Little Silver jewellery gift boxes & jewellery pouches were created with this thought in mind, not only to deliver the perfect gift for your girls and tweens but also store safely when she isn’t wearing it. It is also a little easier to hide from your sisters and friends ;)
Our gift boxes are free with every order over $49 or you can purchase them with smaller orders for only $4 - Save the wrapping paper, and deliver the ultimate gift for your girls, tweens or teens in our gorgeous pink jewellery gift box.
Jewellery Gift Box

6. Keep your jewellery away from perfume, soaps, salty water and chlorine.

To keep your jewellery shinier for longer, we highly recommend you avoid strong soaps or wearing our jewellery in swimming pools. While sterling silver is more durable as a precious metal than costume jewellery, strong chlorine and detergents can strip away protective finishes and plating, and wear it away a lot faster.

It goes without saying…prevention is better than a cure!

By keeping an eye on both yours and your girls sterling silver jewellery, giving it a little bit of love and shine every now and then, your jewellery will last a lifetime compared to if you let it catch dust and tarnish over time.

Clean your jewellery regularly, but not too much. We recommend every 4-6
months to give her special jewellery a little bit of love and tender care.

With love,
My Little Silver


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