Planning a Girl's Birthday Party without the Hassle & Stress

Posted on November 02 2022

Planning a Girl's Birthday Party without the Hassle & Stress

A child's birthday is a special day that parents often go above and beyond to make perfect. Though it can be a lot of fun and excitement to plan a birthday, it can also be a lot of pressure to ensure that everything is like the child envisioned. Coupled with the expense of a birthday party - from the cake to goodie bags - it's no wonder parents often feel overwhelmed come their child's birthday, especially when it comes to gifting and planning a child’s birthday party.


However,  there are ways to manage the birthday party budget without skimping on the fun. Here are a few simply and handy tips: 

    1. Set a budget and stick to it. This will help you steer clear of any unnecessary spending and unexpected expenses.

    2. Get creative with the invitations. Canva is a fantastic (and free) platform to create your designs with a bunch of cool templates to choose from and then all you have to do is print them at your local Officeworks for half the price of getting them made for you!

      Girls Birthday Invite 2 Kids bday invitiation

    3. Buy a birthday cake from your local bakery instead of a fancy cake shop or search your local community pages to support small businesses. Or why not do a DIY cake, you're daughter will absolutely love helping you!


    4. Don't go overboard on the goodie bags. Fill them with simple things like stickers, small toys, or small treats, and I have no doubt parents will be grateful if there are some “healthier home made snacks” inside.


Every mother wants to make their daughter’s birthday unforgettable, and what could be more memorable than a heartfelt, hand-picked girls gift? A girl gift to keep and remember the moment by.

Here are some thoughtful and unique teen gift ideas for children’s gifts to make your girl's special day even more magical:

  • A personalised book or journal: A book with your little girl’s name on the cover and throughout the story will make her feel extra special on her big day. We highly recommend checking out Wonderbly, they make personlised stories for kids of all ages and my daughter absolutely loves hers! Or check out one of the Big Life Journal’s, perfect for developing her growth mindset.


  • A special piece of children jewellery: A necklace, personalised bracelet, or a sweet pair of sterling silver earrings is a gift she can cherish throughout her childhood. 

  • Stylish Activewear: She already loves getting active, so why not dress the part too? Sunny Active or Flow Active Wear have some mega cute activewear for kids of all ages and boy are they stylish! 


  • Nail Polish: Girls grow up wanting to be their Mumma’s by wearing makeup or getting their nails done. No Nasties Kids is the one-stop shop for girls' nail polish and fun play beauty products - and it’s free of any toxins! Making it perfectly safe for sensitive skin and their precious bodies. 


  • A picnic in the park or beach: Pack a special picnic lunch to enjoy in the park with your little princess. We’ve found some great sites to find the best picnic spots in each state:

  • A party at home: If you'd rather not deal with the hassle of a big party, you can always celebrate at home with close family and friends (just be prepared for the clean up!) or better yet, find a face painter, jumping castle or entertainer to come and entertain the kids for you!



There are endless possibilities for making your daughter’s special day one to remember. With a little creativity and thoughtfulness, you're sure to find the perfect way to celebrate her birthday within budget and create memories you will all cherish forever!

What are some other birthday planning tips you would recommend?

xox Ilana and the MLS Team



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